Headquartered in McLean VA, Express Federal, Inc. (EFi), is a Management Services Company that assists its clients in the definition and implementation of the essential disciplines, processes, and tools that enable an organization to create an efficient business development enterprise. We utilize a proven four step process:

  1. Assess, Analyze, Evaluate
  2. Strategize and Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Report and Review

This rigid four-step approach to business development, combined with constant communication, results in a customized profile identifying target markets, agencies, and prime contractors; creates an environment where strategic initiatives are re-defined and prioritized on an ongoing basis and delivers relevant opportunities and market information.


 EFi has steadily build a reputation for providing results oriented capture services that allows its clients to move to the next level. EFi has created a buzz in the government contracting industry which has lead to teaming relationships with a number of industry leaders.



"If I was to site the one external factor for our success in the Government Sector I would have to say it was our relationship with Express Federal"
Jack Carson
President/CEO PRI

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